Do you want to open a Colorado marijuana dispensary? If you are interested in opening a Colorado marijuana dispensary, there are some steps and requirements you must meet. The first thing a person should remember is that he must obtain a permit to open a marijuana dispensary before he can move on. Below is a list of steps one must follow when applying for a permit to open dispensaries.

1. The application form is the first step. You must complete the application form and submit it with all required documents to the City Clerk’s Office.
2. Only certain areas can have a dispensary. It is important that you contact the appropriate authority to verify whether the area of your interest is within their guidelines.

3. You will need to submit fingerprints along with the information for primary care providers when you apply. To get your fingerprints taken, you can schedule an appointment with the City Clerks.

4. The applicant’s criminal history is another important aspect. The police department will run a criminal history check and verify that the information in the application is correct.

5. If you propose to place a sign, you may need to apply for a Sign Permit. The rules for the municipality require that the sign you place must comply with them. It cannot contain images of marijuana plants or the word marijuana.

6. It is important that you apply for a business or sales tax license.

7. After you submit your application, the City Manager will review it and make a decision within 30 days. If the investigation period was extended, sometimes the review process can take longer. After the review is complete, you will receive notification and a copy will be sent to you.

These are the key steps to opening a Colorado marijuana dispensary.

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