Windows Anniversary Update: Some of the new Features

The Windows Anniversary update is advertised as a way to bring Windows 10 closer to the ideal operating system we want. The Update will offer deeper integration between your mobile device and your PC using Cortana. Several improvements to the Edge browser are also promised, so it might make it a web browser you actually want to use.

windows anniversary update

Changes to the Start menu

The start menu is getting some attention that will make it a bit different than it is now. First of all, the All apps option will be gone. In its place, you will get an alphabetized list of apps and programs as soon as you open the start menu. Besides that, things like the power button and the Settings app are moving under a “hamburger” icon on the upper-left side on the menu.

Notifications on your taskbar

Microsoft is going all in with notifications in this update. You will be able to receive phone notifications on your PC, and because of this Windows is adding a notification count badge to the taskbar.

Web notifications for Microsoft Edge

The biggest addition for Edge is the support for Web notifications. This is much like the system Google Chrome uses, where you get notifications and alerts from sites such as Facebook even if the site isn’t currently open. The difference in Edge is that they will be living in the Action Center with all other types of notifications.

Tap to pay

Just like with Android and its NFC-based tap to pay system, Microsoft will be adding something similar. Microsoft is getting into the World of mobile payments by cooperating with MasterCard and Visa to bring this feature to Windows 10 devices. Sadly the feature will be a US exclusive at launch, and it will be a part of the new Wallet mobile app.


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