Gym vs Street Workout for building muscle?

We have prepared several tips that should help you to decide which way to go if you have decided to start working out. We will compare Gym and Street Workout and explain key differences in this small article.

street workout

Analyzing your goals
What is your main goal? Is your main goal to Lose weight, meaning you want to cut down on the Fat in your body, or is your goal to gain weight, meaning that you want to get more lean muscle mass.
First of all, let’s clear up one thing. Doing both at the same time is IMPOSSIBLE. There is no way to build muscle while you are on a Caloric Deficit. Absolutely no way. The best you can hope for is that during a Cutting Phase (When you are losing fat) you don’t lose a lot of muscle mass along with it. This can be done through proper nutrition and with the help of Amino Acids, but that’s not the main topic here. The basic rule is: If you want to cut down on your fat, use Street Workout / calisthenic workouts. If you want to build more muscle faster, definitely hit up the gym a few times a week.

Gym workouts: The gateway to massive muscles
It’s not without a reason that you are seeing massive guys like Arnold Schwarzenegger doing gym workouts instead of calisthenics. They need to constantly maximize their muscle gains as much as possible. And that process goes like this: Breaking down muscle, eating calories to repair those broken muscles, and then training even harder to keep that cycle going. Every time your muscle fibers are broken and repaired they get a little bigger. When it comes to this battle, the gym is the clear winner. The gym offers you a chance to break down and repair much more muscle in a set amount of time, simply because you have the option to push them as hard as you want.

Calisthenics: Losing the weight and building muscles
In a simple battle of weight loss, a Street workout is a clear winner. This is mainly because Street Workout allows a larger group of muscles to be engaged at one time. The reason behind this is because the individual is required to pull his own body weight, and he will make tiny breaks in almost every muscle group in his body. These small tears don’t mean that the muscles will get a lot bigger, but rather that the body will use a lot of calories repairing every muscle group in your body that will result in an athletic look rather than a bodybuilder look.

The Price 
Street Workout is definitely the cheaper option. It requires no investment and almost nothing in terms of equipment. However, if you want to build big muscles quickly, you will have to go get a Gym membership and possibly some additional supplements to help your body recover from the intensive workouts.


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